Informationen über diese Schule / von einer Englischlehrerin des Sangarathana College 

G/Sri Sangarathana College is situated at Ahangama in the Galle district in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. It is near the railway line and there is a large temple called “Maha Viharaya” very close to it.

There are eleven classes in this school from grade 1 to grade 11. There are about 125 students and 13 teachers here. The name of the principal is Mr. K. H. Upul Priyantha.

In the primary section they learn the Sinhala Language and English, Mathematics, Buddhism, Environmental Studies and Aesthetic Subjects. In the secondary section students have to learn 10 subjects. They learn Sinhala as their first and English as their second language. They also learn the Tamil Language. The other subjects are Science and Technology, Buddhism, Mathematics, Social Studies, Life Skill, Arts and Physical Education. Boys study Agriculture and girls study Home Science as the technical subjects. They learn in eight periods from 8.00 am to 2.00 p.m. One period takes 40 minutes.

They hold their sports meeting in the first term of the year. The students are divided up into three houses called Vijaya, Gamunu and Parakum. Those are the names of ancient kings of Sri Lanka. They participate in the sports competition between these three houses. They hold meetings of the Sinhala Literary Association and English Literary Association once a month.

Most of the students are from poor families. Their parents work hard to earn money to provide them with food, clothes and a good education. Some of them are farmers, some of them are masons and carpenters. The others are fishermen and only a few parents do government jobs. The students are given text books and cloth for their uniforms by the government. But their poor parents have to provide them with stationery and shoes.

At this school about 20 students were affected by the Tsunami – their belon-gings were damaged or fully destroyed. Many parents have to face great problems because their workplaces were washed away by the Tsunami.

Fortunately our students were given a lot of valuable presents by a very few generous persons from overseas. Among them Mr. Hartmut takes the prominent place. Just after the “Tsunami” he visited our school and gave his kind attention to our poor students. He gave us a large television set, valuable furniture for the school library, cloth for the uniforms and valuable books as pre-sents. Our children can be called very lucky to have met such a kind-hearted person. We want to keep our friendship for ever. We wish good luck for the friendship and relationship between Germany and Sri Lanka.


The principal, the teachers and the students

of G/Sri Sangarathana College, Ahangama


(slightly adapted by M. Langer)